Luminaire Design for the Lighting Industry

Smith Dixon and Associates is a product and industrial design consultancy specialising in the design of luminaires for the lighting industry. Founded in 2015 by Lewis Smith and Rod Dixon, SDA is recognised as an emerging leader in this specialised field. Our product designs have been sold around the world and are installed in some of the most prestigious and exciting buildings. We may be small, but our creative ability tells a different story.


Exurbia is a range of architectural lighting products covering a broad range of installation and lighting requirements.
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Taking inspiration from the incredibly thin planar light source, Planar Task is an original concept by SDA. The task lamp features a bespoke optical prism array
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Lumena Star is high power LED floodlight developed around the aesthetic of the original Lumena Star floodlight from Trilux.
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Key to not only the structural integrity for many designs but also critical in the thermal management of LEDs, we are able to offer a design service for die cast components.
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We can provide a detail design package to support finalisation of your project such as installation instructions and wiring diagrams.
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Our knowledge in extrusion design ranges from large scale aluminium housing profiles to small thermoplastic diffuser extrusions.
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We have a wealth of experience with injection mouldings, ranging from the design of small PCB housings to complex optical mouldings.
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Due to the nature of custom solution projects, there is often the need to use machined components where we have good knowledge and access to a number of skilled suppliers.
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We offer in-house optic and reflector design, either as part of a new product development pacakge or to supplement your existing design project,
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We are able to prepare photorealstic renderings for presentations, marketing material or installation documents.
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A mainstay of many product designs, we have substantial knowledge in this process, whether it be for a retrofit component or a large housing.
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We can provide thermal analysis and heatsink design as part of our development process or as an individual service.